One Week Character Challenge - Decazur
Jona marklund beautyshot
Jona marklund decazur

Quick test animation in Unreal Engine.

Jona marklund decazurrig
Jona marklund sculpt
Jona marklund smoothtailik

The most advanced part of a very simple rig.

Jona marklund wireframe
Jona marklund jona marklund textures

Using a custom character Material in Unreal Engine.

Jona marklund history decazur

Story snippet on the Decazur species.

For this character I wanted to see if I could go from an initial idea to a finished character within the space of one week, turns out it was indeed possible.

Sculpting and iterating the design - 2.5 days.
Lowpoly, baking and texturing - 1.5 days.
Rigging and test animation - 1 day.

The smaller arms as well as the antennae are physics driven inside of the Unreal Engine.