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Ambrosia Game Rig

My latest rig for Eco Tales : My Item Shop for this one I decided to step up my game, thus it is also the most high quality rig of my career so far. It should contain the features expected of a production level rig.

Below the rig is the first version of my auto character substance which takes a high poly and your final game mesh and spits out a 90% done skin based upon a ton of settings.

Jona marklund kwidqav 1
Jona marklund ejp4xlz 1
Jona marklund 3rdrpeb 1
Jona marklund ftrhiig 1
Jona marklund ambrosiaskeleton
Jona marklund ambrosiabeautyrender

Ambrosia Joint and Blend Shape Rig Test Animation

Jona marklund ambrosiaskinsubstance

Auto-character substance including eyes, eyebrows etc.

Jona marklund ambrosiamaponmesh

Auto-generated Normal / (AO/Roughness/SS) / Roughness / Albedo / Wires