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Real-Time Rendering Engine Comparison

I was curious to see what kind of setup difference there would be between Unity3D (5.0), Unreal Engine (4.15) and Marmoset Toolbag (2).

I'd been developing games in Unity3D for the better part of seven years, been using Unreal Engine for a couple of weeks and never opened Marmoset Toolbag before this so the test may seem unfair.

However, starting from a blank project with pre-written shaders in Unity and pre-made materials in Unreal Engine; I was amazed to find that all three setups took close to the same amount time and produced roughly the same quality renders (if rather different looking here, who wants to look at three identical images?)

In conclusion, it does not surprise me that most artists' first choice in renderer is Marmoset Toolbag, that the second majority Unreal Engine and that very few select Unity3D.

Jona marklund biweeklysubstance02 marble v03

Unreal Engine 4 - Scene

Jona marklund biweeklysubstance02 marble inmarmoset

Marmoset - Scene

Jona marklund biweeklysubstance02 marble inunityeditor

Unity Engine - Scene